Our Good Shepherd Food Pantry will be held today from 2:15 to 4:00 in the KES bus garage. All are welcome! Going forward doors will not open until 2:15. Please do not plan to arrive early as it creates traffic confusion for buses and student pickup. Thank you!
16 days ago, Ms. Gabrielle - FoodCorps Service Member
Food Pantry Today, 2:15 to 4:00, all are welcome!
Exploration Science has been hard at work building their first KMS outdoor classroom with a trail that will lead to Route 11. Currently the floor has been cleared and the Cedar logs are being placed around the perimeter for protection and privacy. This will be one of three classrooms that will be available in the KMHS woodline. Please make sure you come and visit our work!
17 days ago, Heather Mitchell
trail work
Due to inclement weather, students will be dismissed from RSU 89 schools at 11:30. They will be served lunch before leaving school today.
17 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Early Release Due to Snow
Winter Weather Information ~ Please read https://5il.co/1kqir
18 days ago, Marie Robinson
winter weather
Ms. Harvey's Bio 100 class dissected sheep hearts last week. Dissections are a valuable teaching tool when learning about anatomy and body processes. As you can see, some students were more thrilled with the experience than others 😊🐑
18 days ago, Heather Mitchell
sheep heart dissection
sheep heart dissection
There is a School Committee Meeting at the KES cafeteria on Thursday, November 17, 2022. All are welcome to attend.
19 days ago, Cheryl Anderson
School Committee meeting
Adult Ed held a painting class on November 9th--take a look at the talented community artists getting into the holiday spirit--Gnome what I'm sayin'?
19 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Gnome place like home for the holidays
On behalf of Katahdin Schools, thank you to all of our veterans in our community, and our families. We all benefit from your service and your commitment to our freedoms. On Veteran's Day, please take time to remember our United States Veterans past and present.
22 days ago, Heather Mitchell
U.S. Flag--Honor_Veterans
High school outdoor education students learned hatchet safety and then were able to go out and use the techniques that they learned. Fantastic to provide safety training and integrate into skills!
23 days ago, Heather Mitchell
HS OE Hatchet safety
HS OE Hatchet Safety
HS OE Hatchet Safety
Katahdin Schools is currently seeking a JV Basketball coach for the current school year. Please email Dylan Harris with questions: dharris@rsu89.org
23 days ago, Heather Hale
JV Ball
Middle School students in Mrs. Bouchard's ELA class presented on short stories today in preparation for further work with story elements in literature. Plot, theme, setting, characters, and conflict/resolution are among some of the elements presented by these dynamic students!
24 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Story element presentation
Story element presentation
REQUEST FOR PROJECT PROPOSALS AT KMHS AND KES Please see attached RFP for details. Call Dennis Brackett for more information. 207-731-7931
24 days ago, Heather Hale
Students utilize the gear library as they prepare for their outdoor learning journeys. Children have access to hats, gloves, socks, shoes/boots, rain/ski pants, and jackets. Items from the gear library have been donated or purchased through MEEA grants and our RREV project. All items are washed before landing in the library. Children are able to borrow and house any gear necessary in their lockers for future use. We are always accepting donations (hats and gloves) to keep our library fully stocked for students!
24 days ago, Reba Heath
October has passed but we're not done celebrating local apples in the KES cafeteria! Here's our nutrition team hard at work prepping apples from an Enfield orchard for tomorrow's apple crisp.
25 days ago, Ms. Gabrielle - FoodCorps Service Member
Cooks prepare apples in the kitchen
Some exciting gameplay last night for our MS boys' and girls' basketball teams. Go Cougars!
25 days ago, Heather Mitchell
MS Girls
MS girls
MS boys
MS boys
Don't forget Paint and Snack Class! Wednesday, November 9th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Please call 365-4218 to sign up. Makes a great gift! Cost of class is $25.00.
26 days ago, Kathy Guiggey
Paint and Snack Gnome
Students in Mr. Miller's class gave speeches about a topic they were passionate about. The presentations were most certainly moving and it was easy to see these students are talented speakers!
27 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Students speakers
HS student speakers
HS Student speakers
Middle School Seminar Outdoor Ed learned about nature through the "Five Senses Scavenger Hunt" activity this week. We took advantage of the warm weather, and Rosco even joined us out in the "wild"!
28 days ago, Heather Mitchell
MS Seminar
MS Seminar
Students recognize the importance of safe, accessible walkways as they travel from classroom to classroom along the trail. This crew is hard at work seeding down the perimeter of the Cougar Path. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of the process, Mr. Brackett! #wearekatahdin #learninghappenseverywhere
28 days ago, Reba Heath
We saw a lot of Halloween Spirit early this week--check out these ghoulish middle-schoolers from Monday's festivities!
29 days ago, Heather Mitchell
MS Halloween
MS Halloween
MS Halloween
MS Halloween