Good morning students, parents, and staff of RSU 89. Today, January 26, 2023 there will be no school due to the inclement weather. Stay safe and warm, and we'll see you tomorrow.
7 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Wellness Wednesdays started today for Katahdin Schools staff~ Snowshoeing, conversation and enjoying the great outdoors on our Cougar Path! #wearekatahdin #healthandwellness
7 days ago, Marie Robinson
Roscoe came back today! He was missed by all!
8 days ago, Penny Daggett
Valentine flowers for sale! Help the junior class raise money for the prom!
8 days ago, Penny Daggett
Valentines day flowers
High Schoolers at KMHS have been gearing up in Outdoor Education (ODE) for their midterm--the preparation that goes into such a hands-on learning is vital to the ODE experience. What you won't see in the photos is the background in safety procedures, the critical thinking skills utilized, the rich discussions about responsibility and interconnections between self, nature, and learning, and the health benefits that come from working in the outside environment. What you DO see is engaged students using the skills they've been taught to successfully complete their midterm!
13 days ago, Heather Mitchell
ODE midterm
ODE Midterm
ODE Midterm
Hello Katahdin Community! Tomorrow we will be hosting our monthly food pantry from 2:15 to 4:00 in the KES bus garage. All are welcome! Please do not plan to come early as it interferes with student pickup.
14 days ago, Ms. Gabrielle - FoodCorps Service Member
Food Pantry Tomorrow
There is a School Committee Meeting on Thursday, January 19 at 5:00 pm at the elementary cafeteria. All are welcome to attend.
15 days ago, Cheryl Anderson
school board meeting
Good morning students, staff, and community members. Today, Tuesday January 17 2023 there will be a two-hour delay in RSU 89. We look forward to seeing students later this morning. Thank you,
16 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Middle School Voice & Choice is alive and well im Mrs. DeTour's ELA classes. Check out some of the novels students have chosen and ask YOUR middle-schooler about what they're reading!
19 days ago, Heather Mitchell
MS novel selections
Good morning parents, students, staff, and community members of RSU 89. Today, January 13, 2023 there will be no school due to inclement weather. Have a great long weekend, stay safe, and we'll see you on Tuesday January 17th
20 days ago, Heather Mitchell
snow_CC0 1.0
Today was a lot of fun watching Grade 6 explore an owl pellet. Using the new dissection kits from Donors Choose, Mrs. Hanson's students were able to open an owl pellet and explore what an owl eats and how it digests its prey's body parts. Once the "oh yuck" was past, the look what I found continually echoed around the room for over an hour. It was a great day in Science!!!
21 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Owl Pellet
Owl Pellet
Owl Pellet
Owl Pellet
Today at KMHS, Sergeant Lawn introduced some of our high school students to robots and treated them to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Thank you to Sergeant Lawn for providing this opportunity to our students!
22 days ago, Heather Mitchell
air force
robots and lunch
Congratulations to our High School recipients of Student of the Quarter for Quarter 1 here at KMHS! These students consistently uphold the pillars of leadership, scholarship, service, and character within our school community and beyond. Congrats Olivia, Sam, and Ray on your outstanding performance!
26 days ago, Heather Mitchell
These middle schoolers are the FIRST recipients of recognition for Student of the Quarter. Each quarter, students at KMHS are recognized for upholding the four pillars of model students: character, scholarship, service, and leadership. Congratulations Abigail and Payton for modeling what it means to be upstanding student citizens for quarter 1! Stay tuned for HS student recognition...
28 days ago, Heather Mitchell
Dear Students, Parents, Staff, and Community members, may the coming year bring with it renewed hope and new opportunities to accomplish your greatest goals! Wishing all a successful and Happy New Year! GO COUGARS!
about 1 month ago, Heather Mitchell
We wish our KMHS community a safe and happy New Year's eve as we usher in 2023 with renewed hope for a year filled with kindness, health, and prosperity for all. Be safe and we can't wait to see you next year!
about 1 month ago, Heather Mitchell
This year's Christmas Coffee was full of smiles and laughs as students and staff came together to celebrate the season.Thank you to the community members who joined us for skits and contests. Here's wishing students, staff, and all of the RSU 89 community a Happy and Healthy holiday season from KMHS!
about 1 month ago, Heather Mitchell
MS karaoke
Holiday shenannigans
Christmas coffee audience
on the edge of our seats
What an amazingly talented group of students we have here at KMHS! Students in Mr. Roy's and Mrs. Simpson's music classes showed off their musical prowess at the holiday concert this evening. There was also a phenomenal turnout by community--thank you to EVERYONE who came out for the festive concert!
about 1 month ago, Heather Mitchell
cougar time band
modern band
Congratulation to our young performers! The KES winter concert was a wonderful display of hard work and dedication. A special thank you to the music and band teacher, Miss Kalyn Simpson, and Peter Roy, who worked the sound system. It was a pleasure to celebrate the holiday season with our KES families and community! Please join us this evening for the KMHS Winter Concert!
about 1 month ago, Reba Heath
PK class 22/23
full gymnasium
KMHS winter concert at 6pm
Let's not forget the spirit of these folks as well! Middle School at KMHS is in the spirit of the season for sure! (2 of 2)
about 1 month ago, Heather Mitchell
MS Spirit