KMHS Winter Concert

Hello Katahdin families, 

There will be a KMHS Winter Concert on Wednesday, December 21st at 6pm in the KMHS Auditorium. Admission is free. All students in Guitar Class, Modern Band, Chorus, and Cougar Time Band will be performing. If you have a musician in one of these groups and you know you will be unable to make it, please arrange carpool transportation with another family. Our musicians have been working hard to learn songs to perform for you and missing students impact the overall performance of the group. 

Musicians should wear nice clothes (no jeans, rips, or large logos/words) in primarily black with white and red accents. 

We estimate the concert to last roughly 1hr and 30 minutes and we will attempt to record and post it on our website. Come hear popular and holiday music originally performed by Bruce Springsteen, Darlene Love, John Lennon, and more! 

We hope to see you on Wednesday, December 21st at 6pm in the KMHS Auditorium!