Our staff spotlight this month is on Sue Parker. Sue moved from New Jersey to Maine in 2002 with her husband Jim & sons Jimmy and Ethan. Sue’s husband Jim had lived in Maine as a child and always wanted to return. They decided to take the leap in August of 2002. Sue started in the district as a sub bus driver in November of 2002 while doing custodial work at the Benedicta Primary School and working in the kitchen at KES.  In February of 2003 Sue was hired and has been working in the district ever since. 

Sue loves living here in this community! She has experienced many challenges over the years and is always amazed at the outpouring of support.   

When asked about her role at Katahdin Schools, Sue says, "I love being part of the kids' lives everyday - I'm the first one they see in the morning and the last one they see in the afternoon.  Although it's the same job, it's never the same day. I get to watch them grow and experience life's milestones like they're my own children." Some of her favorite memories include soccer, baseball and basketball championships that she has experienced over the years.  

While navigating school during the pandemic she is amazed at the resiliency displayed by our students. She says, “There have been many changes that we've had to make and the kids continue to go with the flow.”

She believes that in order to be a successful bus driver you have to, "love the kids, interact with the kids, celebrate with the kids, grieve with the kids and be compassionate to each and every one of them.” 

Sue also shared that she could do any job, but she chooses to do a job she loves! Be sure to thank Sue for all she does when you see her!