KES - After School Program (ASP)

Maine 21st Century After School Grant

Mission Statement

The Advisory Board will support the KMHS after school program staff in their efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment that encourages challenged students to grow and improve both academically and culturally.

Vision Statement

The Advisory Board will help to grow and sustain a vibrant KMHS after school program that supplies the needed academic and cultural education, work and being great community/world citizens.


Ski 4 Life Program

Katahdin Schools is pleased to offer the Ski 4 Life program at Big Rock Mountain in Mars Hill. This program is for students in grades 3 through 12. 

THERE ARE MANY IMPORTANT CHANGES. All waivers must be completed on-line at Ski4Life. The waivers are titled; “Mountain Sports Activity” and "Big Rock Mountain Equipment Rental & Liability Release Agreement”. The coordinator at Big Rock will provide us with the names of the students who have completed the waivers. The waivers must be on file at Big Rock Mountain before your child can participate.  
The deadline is December 1, 2023.

Our start date is January 5, 2024. Ski4Life is held every Friday (weather permitting) until mid March 2024. 

ASP Book Club Audiobook (Listen Here)

Book Club at the After School Program started last year as an idea of fourth grade students. Mrs. Wimmer became part of it in January after she and her family moved here from southern Utah. The fourth graders wanted a place where kids could come in an just read for fun. Covid shutdown had ruined a lot of the fun in reading, so the kids thought that they could make a place where they could help younger kids who struggle with reading, or just have a relaxing reading spot, or maybe read a book all together. Plans for that never really blossomed to fruition, but it was a great idea that Mrs. Wimmer continued into the next year.

Mrs. Wimmer was inspired by a book called “The Artful Read Aloud” by Rebecca Bellingham as well as having just narrated a book called “Be Careful What You Wish For” by Erika M. Szabo. An idea took shape: what if she encouraged reading (and improving reading skills) through encouraging kids to read aloud to others or even narrate? Mrs. Szabo, who is a prolific writer and does a lot of collaborations, was thrilled to have been asked to donate a book for the Book Club to narrate. Having talked to Mrs. Pocock about the possibility of teaching the kids principles of reading aloud and narrating books, with the end goal of narrating a book by a published author under the tuteledge of a professional narrator, the plan was set in motion: Mrs. Pocock would buy some awesome books that could stay with Book Club, Mrs. Szabo would donate a book that hasn’t been made into an audiobook yet, and Mrs. Wimmer would lend her enthusiasm and know how for narrating and producing audio books.

Normally with audiobooks, the narrator and author split the royalties from audiobook sales, but since the author donated this book, everyone can listen to the book for free! With their first audio book completed, they are moving forward with other recording projects and book creations. Mrs. Wimmer encourages everyone to come spend some time in the book room and recording booth, even if it’s just to share your thoughts. Books are amazing and so are the kids at Book Club!

Listen to the ASP Book Club Students narrate Metoo by clicking the link below.

Metoo, the Annoying Little Sister Audiobook By Erika Szabo

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